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The Mosel: History, Riding, & Riesling

  I believe that I have a German soul, not just because that is where 75% of my family heritage comes from, but because there is no other place on earth that I feel more myself!  I love Germany.  I love the people and the culture and the geography!  This is a country of huge metropolitan cities, rolling country side hills, and a world renowned river, the Rhine. Personally, I… Continued

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Tannins and Titans: Wine Tasting in Chile and Argentina

Imagine yourself surrounded by the kind of scenery that most people only visit in their dreams: 22,000-foot, snow dusted peaks; valleys filled with soft rows of grape vines; and beautiful, cloud-speckled blue skies. Now, imagine that you are holding a tantalizingly good looking glass of Malbec.  You breathe in the tannins and take your first sip. It is balanced, smooth, easy to drink, and, most importantly, delicious.  Not only is… Continued

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Savegre Cloud Forrest, The Ultimate Costa Rica Adventure

Warm water beaches, volcanoes, jungles and amazing surf.  Costa Rica has become known as the adventures paradise and there is little mystery as to why.  With pristine beaches providing perfect lefts and rights on the Pacific Coast, and miles of crystal clear blue snorkeling waters on the Caribbean side, this Country is literally filled with adventure from coast to coast!  No matter what activity the adventurer in you is searching… Continued

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World’s Best Family Adventure Outfitter

I can’t quite explain the feeling of opening Travel + Leisure Magazine and seeing Austin-Lehman ranked the World’s Best Adventure Outfitter For Families, but I can tell you it feels pretty darn good. We have always strived to provide the absolute best family adventures, but to see that we received a 98.11 from past guests is truly humbling. The news couldn’t have come at a better time, we just wrapped… Continued

By Dan Austin /

A guides tales from the San Juan Islands

So, picture this… 5 guys (and me) standing on a cliff at Lime Kiln Point State Park overlooking the Haro Straight in the San Juan Islands off Washington Coast.  To our right is a pile of old lime discarded from the Lime Kiln Days.  Below us is a seal skirting around and peeking at us through the kelp.  The restored kiln behind is us.  The dock the men used to load the lime in… Continued

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Crater Lake National Park

Located in southwest Oregon, Crater Lake National Park is an extraordinary mixture of serene natural beauty, unspoiled alpine grandeur, and authentic National Park charm all with an intense volcanic history.  It is a place of deep fascination for visitors and scientists alike. Crater Lake is best known for its intense blue color and pristine water.  This stunning lake was formed when the volcano Mount Mazama collapsed after an enormous eruption. … Continued

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Don’t Run From a Griz & 9 Other Things Our ALA Guides Taught Us

This past July, my family- myself, my husband and our daughters ages 5 & 7, took our first family adventure vacation- the Montana Family Adventure.  To say it was life-changing really isn’t far off.  But beyond that, our terrific guides- Patrick, James and John- taught us quite a few things…  About Montana, about nature and about ourselves. If you’re lost in the woods, you should start liken’ the lichen Not… Continued

By lehmantravelwtp /

Bike Tours in France

A country known for delectable wines, mouthwatering cuisine, cultural depths, and romantic locations, France is a great place to experience your next adventure vacation.  Can’t leave the kids home alone? Perfect, bring your family on a France Normandy Family Trip with Austin Lehman Adventure. They will love the impressive sceneries, the beautiful views on their bike rides, and the exciting histories and visits to the battlefields.  Delicious meals to impress… Continued

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Holland on a Budget

I’ll just come out and say, traveling to Europe isn’t cheap. When you factor in airfare, hotels, activities, food, guides and transportation… it adds up to be a lot. That is why we’ve designed a 5 day/4 night Holland bike tour that shows you the highlights of Holland but without the major costs of a luxury adventure vacation. But don’t think just because it isn’t a luxury tour that you… Continued

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Biker Bliss in the Black Hills

Howdy Folks, Cowboy Corey and Hurricane Carrie checking in from the Black Hills of South Dakota where we are getting our adventures in order for the upcoming Black Hills family vacations!  We were welcomed to the rolling hills with the thunderous tune of motorcycles, where over half a million riders flock every year for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  Carrie and I were so delighted by the scene that we took… Continued

By Guest Bloggers /

Stress Free Packing Tips

If you are anything like me, the thought of checking luggage for a trip adds another layer of stress that seems unnecessary for a vacation!  Are they going to charge me? Are they going to lose my bag?  Who might be going through my things?  Will my bag end up with big black stains on them (which I still haven’t figured out how to remove)?  So, now I try to always… Continued

By Guest Bloggers /

Village hop along Germany’s fabled Romantic Road

Travel the Romantic Roads of Germany The Romantic Road of Germany was a route created in 1950, as a desperate attempt for Germany to rebuild their tourism. Original visitors were mainly families and friends of the American Soldiers who were based in Southern Germany.  This route, although a newer innovation, passes neatly through historical and medieval towns and points of interests, which has raised foreign interest and touristic appeal for… Continued

By Guest Bloggers /

Cycling the Vineyards of Tuscany

For me when I think of biking tours, I think of Tuscany bike tours. Maybe it’s the scenic routes, the history, the architecture, cuisine, maybe it’s even the wine… but regardless of why Tuscany comes to mind; it is a remarkable place to bike though. I got the opportunity to go on our Tuscany tour last year and I was a bit blown away. I had been to Italy before… Continued

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Hiking the Hoodoos and Narrows

Summer is beginning to wind down, which means fall is right around the corner!  If you’re looking for the perfect vacation to ease the transition, check out our Bryce/Zion Adventure.  Located in Southwest Utah, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks are geological treasure troves. Though temperatures in Zion National Park can be in the low 90s well into September, you won’t have to worry about staying cool… hiking the Virgin River… Continued

By Austin Adventures Guides /

Harvest Time in Napa

Harvest time is coming to California’s wine country!   This means there is no better time to plan your California adventure vacation and experience amazing cycling tours through the Napa region. Not only is the weather fantastic in Napa in the fall, but there is a special energy in the air.  The excitement and anticipation of great wines to come is all around. The grape leaves are beginning to change color only adding to the… Continued

By Guest Bloggers /

Hike Without the Heat: Havasupai

If you’re anything like me, you’re getting a little bit tired of the constant heated, dry days of summer and are looking forward to some cooler weather to come. That’s right – autumn is almost here (don’t panic, there’s at least a whole month of summer left!) But now is the perfect time to plan that fall vacation; the kids are back in school, the crowds have dissipated in our… Continued

By Kasey Austin /

Romantic Bike Tour Through La Rioja, Spain

La Rioja, Spain is home to hundreds of remarkable wineries that are as beautiful as they are delectable.  Filled with historical monasteries, endless fields of vineyards, and amazing activities like wine tasting and hot air balloon rides, this is the perfect location for a romantic adventure vacation.  Spain is famous for their wines and flavors so what better location to bring the one you love, and lavish them in the… Continued

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An open letter of thanks…

Dear Our Austin-Lehman Guides: James, John, & Patrick~ Carter, Cal, Stewart, and I would like to give you all a heart felt thank you for an excellent adventure in Big Sky Country and Yellowstone National Park.  We still can’t believe what an amazing job you guys did making sure we all had everything we needed and wanted (there’s a difference between the two!).  This trip was a big departure for me, a “read a book… Continued

By lehmantravelwtp /

E-Bikes are Totally Radical

Alright first let me explain what an E-Bike is for the folks that are wondering, an “E-Bike” is a hip way of saying electric bike.  Now for those wondering why I think E-Bikes are totally radical, first off they make riding a lot easier. I know what you’re thinking “Isn’t that cheating?” well it depends on who you ask. Last year I got to be a part of Austin-Lehman’s first… Continued

By Guest Bloggers /

Can You Tell the Difference Between a Black and a Grizzly Bear?

As a guide in Yellowstone National Park, it’s very important for myself as well as my guests to be able to tell the differences between a black bear and a grizzly bear. Why? In a bear encounter on a trail, you handle a grizzly bear differently than a black bear, and this handling can be the difference between a peaceful encounter and a more unpleasant experience. Read on to see… Continued

By Kasey Austin /

Southwestern U.S. Family Adventure Exploring Arches to Moab

Glorious red sandstone arches, vast views of cloudless skies, and moments to create memories with your family.  These are all perks of enjoying a Southwestern US Adventure Vacation with Austin-Lehman Adventures.   You will be visiting the states of Colorado and Utah viewing the grand monuments of the Wild West.  With fascinating histories and beautiful natural sculptures this family vacation will be like none other.  Also with experienced guides, perfected tour… Continued

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