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Action Jackson by Eric Keely

Good ole Jackson, Wyoming. One of the most b-e-a-utiful towns in the West. It’s surrounded by mountains with the Grand Tetons right up the road. Not to mention, Yellowstone National Park being just a little further up that road. This place is full of adventurous opportunities. You can raft the Snake River, hike multiple trails, go paragliding, kayak Jackson Lake and bike just about anywhere as this is one of… Continued

By Guest Bloggers /

Top Ten Reasons to Take a Yellowstone Winter Tour

1. Fewer Crowds.  Not only does Yellowstone take on a whole new look in the winter, there are less people there to see it, meaning more space for you to enjoy. 2. You get to ride in a snowcoach. No doubt the frigid temperatures scare some people away from taking a Yellowstone winter vacation.  However, nothing beats enjoying this unique perspective of the park from a heated, comfortable snowcoach.  The… Continued

By Austin Adventures Guides /

Attack of the Begging Burros!

  What is my funniest memory I can think of from an Austin-Lehman adventure? Well, from growing up in the guiding business, a list of my funniest recollections literally has no end. But for some reason when thinking back in time, a certain adventure that took place in the beautiful Black Hills a few years ago comes to mind. If you think that Mount Rushmore is all that the wide… Continued

By Kasey Austin /

Tasting Tuscany

It’s seven pm. you’ve just finished an intense day of biking through the hills of Tuscany.  You’re exhausted but invigorated by the complete high of accomplishment.  How do you celebrate? By diving into an incredible bowl of fresh pasta with homemade tomato sauce, paired with a glass of local chianti. With the first bite, you finally understand the meaning of true Italian food, and wonder why you ever wasted your… Continued

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