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No Matter Where You’re Going, Layer Up! By Jim Darroch

Eastern Mountain Sports is proud to be the official gear outfitter of Austin Lehman Adventures. All of us here at our Peterborough, NH headquarters and in our 68 retail stores throughout the northeast hope you have the time of your life on your upcoming trip and that you return home with stories that never get old.  As your departure date draws near, chances are the only thing that could possibly… Continued

By Austin Adventures Guides /

See It Before It’s Gone

Did you know that one of our country’s treasures is part of a disappearing act? Scientists are predicting that the last glacier in Glacier National Park will melt by 2030! Only open approximately 100 days a year, the time is ticking to visit this remote haven. Lucky for us, there is still an opportunity to freeze time in Glacier on the Austin Lehman Montana Family Glacier National Park trip. Hotels… Continued

By Guest Bloggers /

A Day in the Life of a Yellowstone Bison

A day in the life … well let me see.  Let’s start with a bit of history of who I am.  I am a Bison but a lot of people think of me as a Buffalo.  True buffaloes are my relatives but they live in Africa and Asia, the cape buffalo and water buffalo.  Only North American buffaloes are bison and two of the largest herds of bison live in… Continued

By Christy Hamill /

Top Five Reasons to Take a Crater Lake Adventure with your Family

1.    Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States. Formed by a volcano that collapsed over 7,000 years ago, Crater Lake is almost 1,950 feet deep at its deepest point!  You’ll see the lake for the first time from the caldera rim.  As you stare into the stunningly blue waters, you’ll understand why this lake is world renowned as a scenic wonder. 2.    Your kids can become Junior… Continued

By Austin Adventures Guides /

Jackson Lake

  As I sit here staring out my window at a melting, muddy landscape, my mind wanders to brighter summer days past filled with sunshine. Specifically, I keep dreaming of days spent on Austin-Lehman’s Yellowstone-Tetons Adventure, kayaking the cool, clear waters of Jackson Lake, the Teton Range seemingly shooting up out of its west side. You just can’t beat kayaking or canoeing on Jackson Lake. Getting away from the crowds… Continued

By Kasey Austin /

Experiencing Havasupai by AOA Guide Maryanne Heald

For a Southwestern tour guide, December in Phoenix can be a culture shock. We spend our other three seasons essentially as visitors to the Valley of the Sun: dropping off trip gear, meeting our next group of adventurers, and departing for the Southwest’s most iconic locations, week after week. Many of us spend over 100 days between March and November in Havasupai, the heart of the Grand Canyon. Forty-five miles… Continued

By Guest Bloggers /

Navarra and Rioja, combining culture and wine

Spain is hot! No, not temperature-wise (unless you travel in July or August), but as a new/old destination. When we think of travelling to Spain, we often think of Madrid, Barcelona, Catalonia, Andalusia, the many ‘Costa’ and beaches, and – to a lesser degree – Galicia. However, Navarra and Rioja are often ignored as vacation spots, even though they have a lot to offer. Navarra, in northeastern Spain, was for… Continued

By Ron van Dijk /

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