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A look into a guide’s life in the off-season

Howdy Folks, The season for adventure is fast approaching and I am excited to stretch my legs on the trail while exploring one of Austin-Lehman’s amazing trip locations with everyone!  I know some of you are curious about what the Austin-Lehman guides do during the off season, so here is an example of the craziness that often occurs when we are set free to explore the world.  Although most of… Continued

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Preparing for Glamping on the Inca Trail

Austin-Lehman Adventures is excited to present our special Inca Trail “Glamping” (glamorous camping) departure Sept 7-16, a sneak preview for our 2014 trip.  Enjoy upgraded spacious camp accommodations, chef prepared food, wine, cocktails and even a portable hot shower -hey, this is glamping after all!!  We are going all out for this high end, trekking experience on the classic Inca Trail and want our guests to be prepared.  For all… Continued

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6 Reasons Why You’ll Love Argentina by Darcie Connell

There’s only one word to describe Argentina… Tranquillo. It translates to calm, peaceful and, well, tranquil. And during my trip to Argentina last year, I fell in love with Argentina and immersed myself in a tranquillo state of mind. As the eighth largest country in the world, Argentina has something for everyone.  From lively Buenos Aires to the wildlife haven of Patagonia and Mendoza’s wine regions, this South American country… Continued

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The Top 5 Things I love about Biking in the Netherlands and Belgium by European Guide Adam Beecham

5.  Tasty treats Whether your vice is hot stroopwafel (a crispy carmel filled flat cookie pressed to perfection) made fresh in front of you.  Or if it’s a piece of delectable Belgian chocolate.  Here you are never more than a few minutes away from a tasty treat.  For me it’s Belgian fries smothered with a green pepper sauce (And no, it’s not the mayonnaise they put on their fries in… Continued

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Europe Guide Training: An American Perspective

  Exiting out of Schiphol International Airport in Amsterdam early Wednesday morning, I was met by the blowing wind and light snow of a not-so-spring-like day in the blustery Netherlands. At the end of March, the weather seems just not able to make up its mind, just as its doing back home in Montana right about now. I search the rows of taxis and busses for my friend and Austin-Lehman’s… Continued

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