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Bill tells us his favorites, seen and on the bucket list, around the world.

1. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA: The Best! I’ve flown in it….walked around it and my son has run it- Rim to Rim!

2. Waimea Canyon, Hawaii, USA: First real canyon I ever saw…Flew in it in 1967!

3. Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA: Top of my Must see list.

4. Zion Canyon, Utah, USA: Second on my must see list.

5. Gorge de Verdon, France: This one surprised me with both it’s size and beauty!

6. Lichtenstein Gorge, Austria: It’s a beauty!

7. Horseshoe Canyon, Utah, USA: Rock Art at its best!

8. Grand Canyon of Antarctica, Antarctica: This was recently discovered under one mile of ice. I would love to check it out!

9. Havasupai Canyon, Arizona, USA: Although technically a branch of The Grand Canyon. This deserves a mention all its own. A real sleeper!

10. Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA: My favorite view in Yellowstone Park!

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