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Chef’s Corner: Austin Adventures Favorite Recipes

There’s a reason why our guests rave about our food. Whether served campfire-side or at a 5-star restaurant, our artfully prepared local eats are deliciously sinful. We’re constantly getting requests for recipes…remind me again, what was the secret ingredient in the mole sauce? Could you send the recipe for that double chocolate macadamia nut pie?

…Which is exactly why we’ve decided to devote a page on our site solely to highlighting all of the gourmet recipes from the lodges, inns, resorts and restaurants frequented by our guests.

So – as we say in Montana – dig in!

Recipe #1 - Mole Enchiladas
Recipe #2 - Baja Grilled Wild Alaska Salmon With Blue Mango Salsa & Nopales
Recipe #3 - Pan Seared Veal Chop with Citron Sauce and Mushroom Risotto
Recipe #4 - Chocolate Torte (Soft Center Chocolate Cake)
Recipe #5 - Horchata (Rice Milk) with Xiotilla Cactus
Recipe #6 - African Gumbo
Recipe #7 - Swinging Safari Cocktail
Recipe #8 - Mexican Burritos
Recipe #9 - Pannekoeken (Dutch Pancakes)
Recipe #10 - Strawberry Chicken Salad
Recipe #11 - Parmesan Encrusted Trout Fillets
Recipe #12 - Gazpacho Soup
Recipe #13 - El Tovar Lodge Chili
Recipe #14 - Bouillabaisse
Recipe #15 - German Apple Strudel
Recipe #16 - Barbara’s “Mexican” Eggs
Recipe #17 - Baked Brie with Huckleberry Coulis and Hollandaise Sauce
Recipe #18 - Holiday Wreaths
Recipe #19 - Holiday Dessert Bars
Recipe #20 - Bruschetta: A Classic Italian Recipe
Recipe #21 - Blueberry Scones
Recipe #22 - Gallo Pinto
Recipe #23 - Apfelpfannkuchen
Recipe #24 - Yellowstone Chicken

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