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Refer a Friend Program

Refer your friends and family and receive a $150 future trip credit for each and every referral who books a vacation with Austin Adventures!

Exclusive to Austin Adventures Alumni is our ‘Refer a Friend’ discount program. It’s simple. Send us the name and address of a friend or family member that hasn’t heard of Austin Adventures and we’ll send them a catalog with a note that it came, compliments of you. We will be careful to note in our database that you were the referral source. If that person books one of our trips anytime in the future, YOU WILL RECEIVE A $150 CREDIT toward a future vacation with us. If two referrals book, you receive a $300 credit, and so on. What’s more? Each of your friends will get a $100 credit for the trip they book! There are no limits to the number of $150 credits you can earn, so send as many referrals as you like.

3 Simple Steps:

  • Complete this form asking us to send a catalog, compliments of you.
  • A friend who you referred takes a trip with us.
  • Austin Adventures will track your referrals who book; when you’re ready to book your next adventure, the referral credits will be applied towards your trip balance.

See how easy it is to help finance your next trip? Start sending us your referrals today!

Privacy Policy: We will never rent, sell, or share the referral information that you provide.

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