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Why Travel With Us?

You know that coworker (let’s call her Beth) who comes back to the office after a week’s vacation and is dripping with the I’ve just been on vacation and feel GREAT! vibe? She’s tan, happy, full of energy, smiley (she stands out like a sore thumb). She can’t stop talking about her trip – the mountains were sooo pretty…the food was amaaazing…she’s never hiked and biked so much in a week…she ate her heart out and lost 5 pounds! You’re happy for her, of course but a tad bit jealous (okay, extremely jealous), and immediately start searching the Web for “hiking vacations.”

Well, Beth what is our answer to the question why travel with us? It’s not just for the scenery, nor the hiking, biking, kayaking, rafting and horseback riding…it’s not just for the amaaazing food and wine, nor the plush accommodations…it’s for the feeling you’re left with – the energy you take home with you. The exhilaration, the enlightenment.

In short, it’s for the inspiration.

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