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Namibian Conservancy Tourism Exchange

Austin Adventures in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and others hosted a delegation of 14 Namibian tourism industry representatives, including four conservancy reps (some of whom are members of the Himba and Herero tribes) on a “No Borders Tour” of Southeastern Montana and Yellowstone National Park. Delegates met with property owners, managers and government officials to explore how they manage these wide open spaces and incorporate sustainable adventure tourism activities such as biking, rafting, wildlife viewing and horseback riding. In turn, our international guests shared their Land Conservancy model and how it works in Namibia and how it might apply to Native American tribes and reservations in the West, meeting with Crow tribal leaders and officials. The tour wrapped up in Bozeman with an American football game as guests of Montana State University.

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Dan Austin- ALA Director
Kasey Austin- ALA Field Operations Liaison and Guide

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