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Guide Biography:

Loes Penders

Loes was born in the south of the Netherlands. When she turned eighteen, she started travelling and working abroad. Her first trip was to France, where she picked grapes, then on to Croatia to work on a building project. For that first year, Israel was her final destination where she lived and worked on a kibbutz. Since then, Loes has always tried to have a nice mix of studying, working and travelling. After finishing her bachelor degree in Human Development, she started to study Western Philosophy, which also made her very interested in Eastern Philosophy. Because of this, she went to India for twelve months, and learned more about Hinduism, Buddhism and Indian culture in general. Until now, Loes’ travel virus has not been cured, but she still tries to have a beautiful combination of working, travelling and studying.

Loes's Guide Survey:

What’s your favorite vacation destination?
India, France, Germany, Austria and Vietnam

Loes Penders

What’s your favorite bike ride?
A trip through the hills of Germany on my blue road bike.

Favorite movie: Des Hommes et des Dieux

Favorite book: Falling into Grace by Adyashanti

Favorite song: Stand by Me by Playing for Change

What are your hobbies?
Biking, walking, hiking, meditation, Bikram Yoga, dancing, having a picnic in the grass.

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