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Guide Biography:

DSCF4174Growing up in Youngstown, Ohio most would not think there would be a lot of opportunity to seek outdoor pursuits. However, due to dedication, Patrick’s family found their outlets through hiking and kayaking everywhere possible in the area. These early visits to rivers and forests instilled a sense of exploration in Patrick that has since led to travels all over this beautiful earth. Recently, he completed a Bachelors of Science in Recreation, Parks and Tourism resources, concentrating on sustainable tourism, from West Virginia University. His time in Morgantown, WV allowed Patrick to expand his adventurous hobbies and hone his leadership skills by working for the university outdoor orientation program. During his time at WVU, he was also granted a wonderful opportunity to work on tourism development in rural Patagonia, Chile. Now the great move west has occurred allowing yet another wonderful season guiding with Austin Adventures. Patrick look forward to meeting everyone that is headed out with AA on the Yellowstone-Tetons adventure!

Trips Guided by Patrick McGarry:

Patrick's Guide Survey:


What’s your favorite vacation destination?
My favorite destination has to be Moab, Utah. It offers a ton of outdoor activities in such a close proximity. Not to mention the beauty of the geology in the whole region.

What’s your favorite hike?
Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park. The overlook into the green lining the beautiful zion river in the desert valley is amazing. A second favorite has to be Beehive Basin in good ol’ Big Sky Montana!

What's your favorite bike ride?
Arrowhead Trails: Fayetteville, WV. In autumn the leaves matched with great trail riding cannot be beat!

Favorite movie?
Too many to choose from. Just a few include: Snatch, Stripes, Casino and anything Monty Python related.

Favorite song:
This changes monthly but the current jam would have to be “Ends of the Earth” by Lord Huron.

Favorite Book: “The Man Who Walked Through Time” Collin Fletcher

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Cross-country mountain biking.

What are your hobbies?
Any activity that can take me into the outdoors, be enjoyed with friends, and give you a bit of a thrill at some point!


When did you first catch the travel bug?
After graduating high-school a group of friends packed up a car and drove across the country to discover Yellowstone and the Tetons. Since enjoying every moment, sight, and sound on that trip my urge to travel and explore has not been suppressed. This has lead me to many places around the world including some extended stay in South America, I can only hope to continue!


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