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Sarah Mickler

Sarah grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina with a botanist for a mum, a forest scientist for a dad, and a backyard forest as her natural habitat. She earned her BA at College of Charleston, where she studied architecture, historic preservation, and city planning and worked as a draftsman on renovations and restorations of many of the city’s grand antebellum mansions. After college, Sarah worked for a year as an AmeriCorps volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

After her brief flirtation with a life at a drafting table, Sarah decided to go have an adventure, and bought a one-way ticket for herself and her bicycle to Ireland. The feeling of being immersed in the moment and spending each day exploring whatever was next along the road was so addicting that, after making her way down to Spain, she flew over to South America and made her way by motorcycle from Brazil up to Canada, where she lived for a time in the Pacific Northwest. When Sarah finally made it back home, she began guiding bicycle tours; she’s been guiding professionally for 5 years now and thinks it’s the best job in the world.

When not guiding, Sarah can be found at her homestead in the mountains of the Appalachians, where she has a hand built tiny house, a big vegetable garden, a dog AND a cat that like to hike, and now two hives of bees. She has a tendency to go walkabout and fly off on a one-way ticket to somewhere new and exciting. Her favorite method of travel is bicycle touring because she gets to talk with so many people she meets along the road.

What's your favorite vacation destination?Sarah Mickler
Central America because everyone is so friendly and you can experience so many different cultures and natural environments all relatively close together!

What's your favorite hike?
Any of the trails in the Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park. There is just nothing else like the Hoh Rain Forest - everyone should see it.

What's your favorite bike ride?
The Canal du Midi bike trail that crosses Southern France from Bordeaux to Narbonne. It is mesmerizing!

Sarah MicklerFavorite movie?
A Room with a View, a classic based on E.M. Forster's Victorian-era book about the transforming power of travel on a young British girl.

Favorite book?
Oh, I have a new favorite! Soul of Nowhere is a collection of naturalist Craig Child's beautiful writings about his solo adventures in the wilderness and that timeless, spiritual feeling we experience in “fierce places.” We all know that feeling, but he's the one who has come closest to being able to put it into words.


Favorite song?SarahMickler
The local music wherever I am!

When did you first catch the travel bug?
The summer after college, hitchhiking my way around the big island of Hawaii. Everyone should, at some point in their life, travel alone to a place where they know no one and see how the world opens up to them. It is life changing.

What are your hobbies?
Painting, journaling, woodworking, pottery, hiking, bicycling, camping, slacklining, spinning and knitting, stained glass, gardening, beekeeping, cooking, baking, reading, and napping.


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