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By austinbbw /

While all of our adventure vacations are filled with some sort of physical activity such as biking, hiking and kayaking, we don’t want all the foodies out there to think we forgot them. In fact, as most anyone who has been on our trips will tell you, the food is incredible.

No matter which country or which adventure, our guests start out the day with a high energy breakfast to get them ready to go experience all the thrills of their destination. Each evening will find them back dining on deliciously prepared campfire vittles or five star gourmet fare. And many of our European vacations will also find adults sipping fine wines from the best regions of wine country.

Our gourmet adventures are combined with the best of our biking and hiking vacations. Our adventurers may choose the gourmet fare of wine regions in California, Chile/Argentina or the rich, delectable foods of Italy, France and Germany. Some of our adventures even include cooking classes to get you started making your own gourmet goodies.

Stop by our website to find out more about gourmet adventures to your choice of destination and get started planning your trip of a lifetime today.

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