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By austinbbw /

Adventuring into Yellowstone National Park














Yellowstone National Park vacations are the best way to experience thrill and adventure. Austin-Lehman’s adventurers organize customized group vacations and give you a personal and wholesome experience.

On a well-planned Montana vacation, you can visit Old Faithful, the oldest geyser in the world, and lots of other geysers. There are many hot springs, mud pots and canyons still unexplored and known only to the locals and our guides.  America’s first national park has diverse wildlife including wolves, elks, bison and grizzly bears and you can actually view these wild beasts in their natural abode.

Adventure trips organized by Austin-Lehman give you the taste of raw passion. Being away from home and surrounded by nature is a truly mesmerizing feeling. It’s the one place where it is possible to explore on foot, by horseback, white water river rafting or even all three. Yellowstone has the maximum number of active geysers in the world and you might even be lucky enough to see one erupting right in front of you throwing steaming hot water straight into the sky. The climate is usually moderate but can also be a little unpredictable.

No trip to Yellowstone is complete without spending a night under the star filled sky. There is rich Native American heritage comprising of a splash of bright colors, music and dancing all waiting for you to watch and even participate. Plan your Yellowstone vacation with Austin Lehman today by visiting our online catalog to find the itinerary right for your traveling needs.

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