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By Guest Bloggers /

Los Gemelos Crater in The Galapagos

I recently got invited to explore the Galapagos and stay at the lovely Galapagos Safari Camp. I decided to bring my Dad along to experience this magical place. Here is day 1 of this unreal trip!

We arrived in the Galapagos with much anticipation and was instantly amazed with the beauty of these islands. Today we took a quick ferry to Santa Cruz and then ride up to two massive volcano craters called the Los Gemelos “the twins”, it was a quick reminder of these islands volcanic beginning. Then we headed to the Galapagos Safari Camp where we will be staying the next three nights, there was a giant tortoise in the driveway when we pulled up. Our rooms are big private safari tents that are just the coolest setup. Not to mention the stunning views from our balcony. Then we headed to see some giant tortoises and that was just surreal! Finally seeing them up close, it was like being in a dream. Then we headed to a lava tube, it was massive! About 30ft tall and about half a mile long, it was so cool. After that we had a fantastic and delicious dinner with our group and now I am writing this while I look at the stars from my balcony!

Tomorrow we are headed to an organic coffee farm, kayaking, snorkeling and then our other guide Clark is going to take me surfing while the other guest chill on the beach! Yeah surfing in the Galapagos…..

Oh and this is just day 1!!!!!!!

You friendly Galapagos lover,


P.S. Our guide Tanya is unbelievable and a wealth of knowledge on the Galapagos. Her last clients were Brad and Angelina, so she’s kind of a big deal.

This is where I am sleeping tonight at the Galapagos Safari Camp

Galapagos Safari Camp

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