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By Guest Bloggers /

The bustling metropolis of South Africa’s southern cape seems alive with activity as I wonder the waterfront.  This city has it all, history, culture, art, entertainment, and views that simply can’t be beat!  To one side towers Table Mountain, Cape Town’s prominent flat topped mountain, although for me it is shrouded in Clouds (I have been assured several times it IS there)  On the other, The Cape of Good Hope jutting out into the expanse of royal blue waters.

I am surprised by how much of the Dutch influence can still be detected, even some 200 years later!  The city feels safe to me; I have no trouble walking the streets as a single female traveler.  There are all kinds of activities happening around the waterfront: shoppers packing their bags from store to store, travelers returning from the last tour of Robben Island, the political prison where Nelson Mandela was held, and the buskers performing their acts for the tourist all along the way.

My hotel is the epitome of luxury, located on a working pier right off the waterfront’s main walkway.  There is a beautiful mix of hand painted fabrics, skillfully crafter metal works, and antique items telling the story of the Cape through the ages.  The history and culture of this place is the draw, and I can’t wait to explore every corner and see what I find!

Stay Tuned for more from my Southern Africa Journey!

Your Friendly Travel Expert,

Mindy Vanderhoof

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