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By Kasey Austin /

Corey Meyer

One of our brand new guides this year is a guy by the name of Corey Meyer or Cowboy Corey as he’s come to be called. Corey may be new to Austin-Lehman, but he’s not new to the guiding business! If you’re lucky enough to sit down and have a chat with Corey on our Yellowstone or South Dakota Adventures, you’ll hear stories of life on a ranch, his experience guiding zip line tours, or just about his explorations in and around the state of Montana. From ski instructor to bike racer, Corey is no stranger to adventure!  With a big smile and a twinkle in his eye, Corey is a likeable guy right from the start. Go ahead and check out his guide profile and meet all of our other guides too! All friendly, adventure-loving professionals, you will have friends for life after taking a trip with ALA!

See you on the trails!

Kasey Austin

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