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By Guest Bloggers /

Torre del Mangia Streets of Siena Duomo di Siena

Today I was dreaming about Tuscany, not sure if it was because I was hungry or because I was dreaming about being out on the open road with my bike. None the less I wanted to share some memories I had from one of my cycling tours I have done in Italy, specifically my bike ride from Florence to Sienna…

First things first, I am positive that a biking is the best way to spend your European vacation. Biking just gives you the freedom to explore what you want, at the pace you want. You experience so much more by biking, then you would walking or taking a tour bus. We left Florence early in the morning and drove south an hour to Castellina in Chianti, where we started the day of cycling. The weather was perfect that day, sunny and warm. Right before we started our ride from Castellina, our wonderful guide George surprised us with a silver platter of dried fruit, a great boost of energy before a long ride. Then we set out on our biking tour to Siena, with four of our guest trying out the new E-bikes (electric bikes).

Right off the bat you see the beauty of the Tuscany region, vineyards and classic Italian homes spread out through the countryside as far as the eye can see. We had an early lunch in Radda and then set out to continue our real Italian cycling tour. Sometimes in order to get the best views of an area you have to work for it and Italy makes you work for some of those views with its hills, but with hard work comes reward and after each hill there was an incredible view and a nice long downhill to follow.

Once we biked into Siena you are greeted by medieval buildings and bright red brick buildings. The nostalgia that Siena packs is quite impressive and the city fits my perfect image Italy.

Well that’s it for now, got to get back to real life and stop dreaming…

Your friendly biker,


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