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By Guest Bloggers /

  What a mess!

I felt with how much I enjoy spending time in the outdoors and in our National and State Parks that I would write something to help make them better. But something I’ve found with participating in local clean-ups is that you have to make it simple for people to help. So here are 3 simple things you can to do help protect, save and make mother nature a lot happier.

#1 LEAVE NO TRACE- This should be common sense, but I need to reconfirm that this is the most important rule whether you are at your local park or a National Park. It’s simple, don’t leave any sign you were there and it doesn’t just mean leaving trash. It means not taking anything from the parks and also not disturbing the natural habitats, which includes disturbing the wildlife.

#2 Stay on the Trails- I know some people are thinking, “what does going off the trail do?” well I’m glad you asked. Many trails have a lot of people on them everyday, so what ends up happening is more and more people start going off the path and when you do that you are damaging the soil, plant life and most likely disturbing the wildlife. There’s a time and a place for bushwhacking, but if you can stay on the trail the better it is for everyone and everything.

#3 Pick up a Piece of Trash- You want me to do what??? Yes, I want you and everyone who enjoys the outdoors to pick up just one piece of trash every time they go out. This is a practice I started about 5-6 years ago and it is something I’m very passionate about. I know we can’t clean up everywhere we go and every piece of trash we see, but we can do our part to make things a little better each and every time we head out to enjoy the wilderness.

2 more things… One,I hope these simple tips helped and two I challenge you to go out and do your part. If everyone tries to make things just a little better than we can all make a huge difference!

Thank You!

Your Friendly Nature Lover,


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