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By lehmantravelwtp /

I’ve never shared a story online before, but with the outstanding Montana vacations that Austin Lehman arranges, I just had to tell others about my family’s experience. I have to say that the trip was outstanding in every way. I could never have planned such a trip for my family. They were right on the mark in their planning from start to finish. Our three guides were very patient with my teenagers and the younger kids on the trip, and you couldn’t ask for more kind and responsive guides for all the families attending. I was personally impressed with the lunches that the guides prepared for everyone – in a word, excellent. There was no reason for concern the whole week because every detail was taken care of. So, if anyone out there is considering an Austin Lehman adventure trip, I’m here to tell you to go for it! You will be so happy you did.

Name: Frank Hendrickson
City: Sacramento
State: CA
Country: USA

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