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By austinbbw /

What could be better than combining a romantic private cruise, luscious gourmet food, hiking, safari excursion and rafting all together? Absolutely nothing. When you journey with us on our Peruvian Amazon River Cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to marvel at the astonishingly beautiful Peruvian forest from the comfort of an upscale private boat, the Delfin2.

Our adventure vacations for couples to the Amazon provide the most impressive and intimate setting complete with luxurious and world class amenities for your privacy. Explore the rich flora and fauna of rainforest and Amazon’s hidden waterways. Look out for cute Pygmy Marmosets, the world’s smallest monkey. At night, the forest transforms mysteriously with spectacled owls, fish bats and caimans.  Take a swim in the El Dorado River and you’ll be amazed to see wonderful pink and grey dolphins swimming alongside of you.

As you reach the Pacaya-Simiria Natural Reserve, the largest protected wetland in the world, keep your ears open to listen to the sound of “laughing Falcon” and spot bright parrots, macaws and other exotic birds. Savor the sumptuous 5 star dinner before you retire for the night in your private cozy cabin. Our 5 day adventure travel is full of surprises and thrill, and once complete, you will want to take adventure trips with us again and again.

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