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By austinbbw /

We at Austin-Lehman understand the diverse interests, varying personalities and different athletic levels of people in a family. And that is why our family adventure vacations are especially designed with loads of activities and something to suit everyone.

Yellowstone Park
On your journey into one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Yellowstone Park, you’ll be amazed to see the spectacular scenic beauty of America’s oldest national park. It’s a place that has fun activities for everyone including kids and adults, and a week-long stay in this natural paradise definitely brings out the kid in you. Our guides make sure you experience the joy of adventure without worrying about your kids’ security. While in Yellowstone, drive through the Hayden valley, but watch out for grizzly bears lazing around and playing with their cubs in their natural abode. You might even catch a glimpse of wolf, bison, elk and eagles while on your wildlife adventure. Register your kids as “junior rangers” before starting the hike into Yellowstone’s marvellous backcountry.

Grand Canyon
Take a tour of the Grand Canyon National Park on our Grand Canyon Vacations, and you’ll be overwhelmed at the sight of the gigantic structure of the canyon spread across 277 miles of land. There cannot be a better experience where parents can soak up and relax in natural pools while kids are playing and splashing in water nearby. The cascading waterfalls are a welcome respite after your day of hiking.

No matter which family vacation you choose, we have something special for every member of the family. Visit us online to learn more about our exciting family vacations where we handle all the details for you.

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