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By Kasey Austin /

Imagine yourself in a field strewn with colorful wildflowers, waterfalls cascading around every bend & towering snow-capped peaks standing in stark contrast to the blue bird sky. You could be standing amongst many places in the world but this particular beaut is Hohe Tauern National Park on our Austria biking vacation.

Now if you’re anything like me, you’ve attempted the ultimate national park vacation, only to confront endless traffic jams, crowds of pushy people at Park attractions, and problems making it anywhere on time. If anything, your”vacation” seems more like work, and when the last day arrives, you can’t imagine anywhere you’d rather be than home!

Whoa! If you’ve been here before it might be time to try something different, something less stressful, a vacation where you can actually relax and enjoy the ride. Now think back to Hohe Tauern National Park, where you’re riding your bicycle down a twisting and turning path, taking your time to “stop and smell the roses.” You don’t have to deal with traffic, the people are few and far between, and thinking about the logistics of your vacation is anywhere but on your mind. After all is said and done, your vacation should be all about you having an amazing time! At ALA, we want you saying, “Wow, the toughest part is going home!”

See you on the trails,

Kasey Austin

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