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Montana Vacations














Montana vacations are a perfect getaway for those looking to be engulfed by nature and its wilderness. During winters, hot geysers steam out of the ice covered land giving the already beautiful landscape a touch of magic. You can ski with professional snow coaches on the slopes of mountains in Montana or hike through unexplored trails surrounded by numerous mud spots and hot springs that make the Yellowstone tours all the  more adventurous. Treading off the road and taking the unbeaten path in the forests of Yellowstone National Park gives you an unmatched experience of watching wildlife in its full glory. You can catch a glimpse of an elk, bison or grizzly bear playing with its cubs in the forest and observe these animals’ behavior when they are not caged or staged.

Yellowstone is one of America’s favorite national parks and can be visited anytime throughout the year. During summer, the park is blooming with a variety of bright colors due to the growth of flora and fauna in this warm season. Strolling through walking paths and picturesque gardens of this spectacular park or hiking up mountainous trails to reach the base of thundering waterfalls truly rewards travelers with all its majestic glory. The clear blue skies far away from city pollution give an amazingly clear view of the star studded night sky and the perfect ending to a long day of adventure and play.

Adventure vacation packages offered by Austin Lehman capture the true essence of active traveling. Book yours today and begin the adventure of a lifetime.

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