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By austinbbw /

Austria Bike Tour

It is hard not to think about Sound of Music and Mozart when one mentions Austria. There must be something in this land locked country that inspires musicians to compose timeless melodies.  While you might be tempted to burst into song when you see Austria’s rolling hills and green meadows, there are more sights to see and things to do to make your European vacation a memorable one.

Austria is a great place for family adventure vacations. Try tobogganing in the alpine mountains. A toboggan is a sled that lies directly on snow. Used as a preferred transportation method of the indigenous people, it has now become a fun winter activity.  Austria’s beautiful alpine mountain is a breathtaking and stunning sight. The Schmittenhöhe, for instance, has beautiful ski slopes.  Hop in their Schmittenhöhebahns (cable cars) design by Porsche and get a 360-degree view of the glorious vistas. There are hiking trails for beginners as well as difficult trails for avid mountaineers.

After all the adventure trips in the mountain, do not forget to drop by the museums and admire the musical genius of Mozart.   Guided tours allow travelers to learn more about Mozart by visiting where he lived as his house is now a museum.  Walk along the streets of the Old City of Salzburg and visit the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. These are two UNESCO World Heritage sites.  Austria is indeed one picturesque country.

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