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By austinbbw /

European vacations to Germany surround travelers with beautiful fields and royal castles providing excellent backdrops for picture perfect memories. And Romantic Road offers the perfect course for your journey.

Cycling tours in Europe offer a favorable way to see the quaint villages and famed locations that make up Germany. During your adventure from Nördlingen out to Wertheim, you will journey down the famous Romantic Road, Germany’s Middle Age trade road. This medieval route runs through expansive countryside and charming villages while providing beautiful views of unspoiled nature and half-timbered houses. Enjoy biking to the lively village of Rothenburg, the epitome of German cities. Here, you might find a festival and even handcrafted souvenirs. Speaking of festivals, if you like jazz, you’re sure to find great Jazz festivals and clubs in Germany.

When it’s just about time to call it a night, enjoy a home brewed beer and try a mouthwatering dish of bratwurst. Then, retire to your cozy room at a storybook type location in the Hotel Markusturm, which was built as a customs house in the late 1200s.

Call today or browse our online catalog to plan your perfect vacation with Austin-Lehman Adventures and prepare for your vacation of a lifetime. Adventure tours through Germany are simply magnificent.

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