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By austinbbw /

Austin-Lehman Adventures Denmark

Few European countries lend themselves to family adventure vacations quite like Denmark.  This unassuming country has everything families look for in a vacation.  For children, the home of Hans Christian Anderson and the story of its Little Mermaid make Copenhagen, wonderful Copenhagen a perfect place to start.  Copenhagen, the capital city, is a small city that punches well above its weight in history, dining and exploration.

Beer is the lifeblood of most western societies, and Copenhagen is home of one of Europe’s best known brands, Carlsberg Lager.  A visit to the brewery will give a good night of history into beer production past and present. The Aroma Room explores the link between smell and taste and shows how varied beer tastes can be.

A capital city in Europe can hardly be called capital without a suitable royal touch, and Copenhagen doesn’t disappoint.  Home of the House of Oldenberg and its current head Queen Margerethe II, the city is steeped in royal tradition.   Perhaps the pinnacle highlight is the changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace.  No matter what the weather might be like, the guard change presents a display of pageantry that makes a European vacation worthwhile.  Don’t forget though. It starts at 12 noon sharp and would be considered rude to be late.

European countries make close neighbors so turning your Danish vacation into a two nation adventure trip is accomplished very easily especially since in July 2000 the Öresund Bridge was opened.  A massive 70 km long, this bridge links Denmark and close neighbor Sweden making it a short hop for yet another stamp in your passport.

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