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My first season with Austin Adventures was the summer of 2011. As you may imagine, I was beside myself for the opportunity to work on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. After 6 days of driving the 15-passenger van (while towing a trailer with a roof rack full of bikes) I was in awe of the scenery. I couldn’t believe this was my new office and playground for the next three… Continued

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Aerial smoke

Contrary to popular belief, Canada does get summer! The sled dogs take some time off while we all enjoy 80 degree days and swimming in sapphire mountain lakes. This year, summer was a scorcher. With very few clouds or ‘afternoon convective activity’ (a.k.a. huge awesome thunderstorms!), Team Alberta didn’t have to implement rainy-day Plan B’s very often. But of course, all that heat and sunshine dries the landscape significantly. As a result,… Continued

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When presented with the opportunity to take my first Austin Adventures vacation, I raised both hands and said yes with a level of enthusiasm not exhibited since Christmas ‘99.  Although it had only been a month since I was last in South Dakota, I was pumped just looking at the itinerary and pre-departure materials and knew that this trip would put my August adventures to shame—especially since I would be… Continued

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This is a letter we received from a guest on a recent Montana trip: After my son-in-law passed away two years ago, my grandson has really had a rough time dealing with the loss of his father. My daughter and I thought a little one on one time with grandpa would be a great way for us to connect. One of her coworkers told her about adventure trips from Austin… Continued

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Before I get started, I want to introduce myself – my name is Andy Austin. I’m a guide and the lead photographer here at Austin Adventures. About a year ago, I went to photograph Southern Utah with Austin Adventures for two weeks. Southern Utah is a photographer’s dream and with or without experience you’re guaranteed to leave with some great shots. I’m not going to talk specifics of gear or… Continued

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