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I hope it’s not a sign of aging, but it sure seems like I find myself wondering more and more often “where did the year go?” In the adventure travel business we really mark the seasons by what “phase” of the year we are in. Summer finds us busy putting all the pieces of the puzzle together for the next year’s season (in this case 2015). Fall finds us in… Continued

By Dan Austin /


  We have five pretty spectacular Costa Rica itineraries, so when someone asks us to name our favorite, we react like a parent who is asked to name their favorite child. That said, lately we’ve been particularly fond of our Arenal to Tortuguero package which is always a hit this time of year. Despite its popularity, there are still a few spaces left on our December 20th and 28th departures, so… Continued

By Katie Jackson /

California Drought Browns Dilemma

While driving I-5 through California, my gaze follows the reader board above the interstate. The usual “buckle up” or “road construction” spelled out in LED lights isn’t there. Instead the reader board states: “SERIOUS DROUGHT HELP SAVE WATER.” I say to myself, “Wow this must be serious.”  And it is. California is in the most serious drought in history. In fact, the governor declared it a catastrophic drought emergency. When… Continued

By Austin Adventures Guides /


My first season with Austin Adventures was the summer of 2011. As you may imagine, I was beside myself for the opportunity to work on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. After 6 days of driving the 15-passenger van (while towing a trailer with a roof rack full of bikes) I was in awe of the scenery. I couldn’t believe this was my new office and playground for the next three… Continued

By Austin Adventures Guides /

Aerial smoke

Contrary to popular belief, Canada does get summer! The sled dogs take some time off while we all enjoy 80 degree days and swimming in sapphire mountain lakes. This year, summer was a scorcher. With very few clouds or ‘afternoon convective activity’ (a.k.a. huge awesome thunderstorms!), Team Alberta didn’t have to implement rainy-day Plan B’s very often. But of course, all that heat and sunshine dries the landscape significantly. As a result,… Continued

By Austin Adventures Guides /

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