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Bryan in Jeep

By Bryan Codi What does an Austin Adventure guide do when the guide season is over? For some, guiding is never over because it has become part of your life and who you are. Our guides are almost constantly in “guide mode” whether it is sharing insider knowledge of wherever they are, doing impromptu WOWs in unlikely locations, or driving safely across unknown terrain. Once this amazing year in Yellowstone… Continued

By Austin Adventures Guides /


  A trip to the Galapagos Islands has more than enough potential to be one of those “vacations of a lifetime.” It’s one of our best-selling packages – for both families and adults—and if it’s on your bucket list, you’ve probably asked yourself HOW you’re going to check it off. I.e. will you be exploring Ecuador’s most epic islands by boat, or by foot?  Keep reading for more information that… Continued

By Carol Austin /

Morgans Rock

It wasn’t easy, but we finally decided on our October Country of the Month. We chose the “land of lakes and volcanoes” because as the Montana winter approaches, we’re already dreaming of the tropics and Nicaragua is one of Central America’s most underrated gems. Speaking of seasons, there is never a “bad” time to visit Nicaragua. But since most people have a limited number of vacation days, it makes sense… Continued

By Katie Jackson /

family catalo0g2

Out of the hundreds, if not thousands, of articles about Ebola spreading like wildfire across the web, one of the most understandable, yet informative, is KVUE-TV’s “Separating facts from fears regarding Ebola.” As with most outbreaks, we have a tendency to focus on our fears, not the facts. While Ebola is definitely scary, it shouldn’t impact your travel plans unless you’re traveling to or from West Africa. Still worried? With… Continued

By Katie Jackson /

family catalo0g2

I hope it’s not a sign of aging, but it sure seems like I find myself wondering more and more often “where did the year go?” In the adventure travel business we really mark the seasons by what “phase” of the year we are in. Summer finds us busy putting all the pieces of the puzzle together for the next year’s season (in this case 2015). Fall finds us in… Continued

By Dan Austin /

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