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group photo in front of Yellowstone sign

First of all, I should explain that Austin Adventures, based in Billings, MT, sits just a few short hours from our world’s first national park: Yellowstone. Because of our close location, connections and local knowledge, we feature three amazing trips that revolve around Yellowstone National Park: 1)      Yellowstone National Park Adventure (Yellowstone) 2)      Montana | Big Sky, Yellowstone & Paradise Valley Adventure (Montana) 3)      Wyoming | Yellowstone/Teton Adventure (Wyoming) Because these… Continued

By Kasey Austin /

the Austin family at Machu Picchu

Peru has always been a popular destination – especially among those with bucket lists. But we’re expecting it to be even more popular in 2015. Long after we noticed this trend and decided to dedicate the entire month of January to the “Land of the Incas,” we began seeing Peru pop up on the latest lists of best places to visit in 2015. For starters, it’s on National Geographic Traveler’s… Continued

By Katie Jackson /

Alaska miners

Ever wonder why there’s been a recent explosion of Alaska-based “reality TV” shows? As you might suspect, Alaska, a.k.a. “The Last Frontier”, is a land of extremes. In a culture apparently lacking in “reality,” this bold land seems to offer up just what people looking for – a portrayal of authentic physical extremes (that are somehow more tangible, quantifiable, and fascinating than day-to-day reality not viewed through a screen?).  … Continued

By Jeremy Felsen /

spires in South Dakota

Lets face it! Everyone on an Austin Adventures trip loves to see wildlife.  These are the split-second moments you’ll never forget, as a rare beast of the wild crosses into view. Unfortunately your guide has absolutely no control over the circumstance, and punctuality isn’t the status quo in the animal kingdom.   Every so often the animals decide to put on a show and remind us just how raw nature… Continued

By Zach Kellman /

Night scene in South Tyrol

“To Bolzano or to Bozen, that’s the question.” Not necessarily something to ponder about as if you were Hamlet, but when you visit this Italian town you will notice that this is where northern Europe meets southern Europe, giving the city its unique charm. First a bit of recent history: Ruled by Austria from the Middle Ages until 1918, South Tyrol – along with other Austrian regions south of the… Continued

By Ron Van Djik /

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