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It is surprising how few North-Americans know where Catalonia or the Costa Brava is located. But if I mention Barcelona (the capital of Catalonia, situated south-east of the Costa Brava), it will ring more than just a bell. Barcelona is one of the main cultural centers in Europe, competing with Paris, London, and Rome. Catalonia is a region of Spain with a high degree of autonomy. In fact, its people… Continued

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The “Wild” of Wildlife, Wildflowers, and Wilderness in Glacier Naitonal Park by Laurie

Where the heck is Glacier National Park and why would anyone want to go there? Tucked away along the northern border of the Montana Rockies bordering Canada lies Glacier National Park. Glacier and Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada are joined together to form an International Peace Park, the only national park, which is formed by two countries. So what makes Glacier National Park so wild? Is it the jagged… Continued

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The #1 Must-See Destination in the US for 2014

What’s my top choice for the must-see-destination in the US for 2014? Hot Springs, South Dakota.  Ok, I know what you’re thinking, is she crazy? Let me clarify, specifically, Wind Cave National Park is my top choice for the must-see-destination in the US for 2014.  Wind Cave NP is the first cave in the world to be named a National Park.  It’s also the sixth place in the United States… Continued

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Chacos are a Good Choice (and Other Gear Tips)

So, you’ve officially booked your dream adventure over Spring break, you’ve just received your pre-trip planner complete with packing list, and you’re now trying to figure out exactly which type of sandal or brand of rain jacket to pack in that suitcase that always seems just a little bit too small. Not to fear, Kasey is here…with a few suggestions for gear that might help make your decisions for which… Continued

By Kasey Austin /

Five Tips for Traveling to a Country with a Different Language

Traveling when you don’t know the language can be intimidating and daunting but don’t let it keep you from going. Just because you haven’t spoken Spanish or French (or God forbid, Latin) since high school, doesn’t mean you can’t be the explorer you always wanted. A little effort, a couple tools, and a sense of humor will get you a long way.  Here are five tips that will make your… Continued

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