spires in South Dakota

Lets face it! Everyone on an Austin Adventures trip loves to see wildlife.  These are the split-second moments you’ll never forget, as a rare beast of the wild crosses into view. Unfortunately your guide has absolutely no control over the circumstance, and punctuality isn’t the status quo in the animal kingdom.   Every so often the animals decide to put on a show and remind us just how raw nature… Continued

By Zach Kellman /

Night scene in South Tyrol

“To Bolzano or to Bozen, that’s the question.” Not necessarily something to ponder about as if you were Hamlet, but when you visit this Italian town you will notice that this is where northern Europe meets southern Europe, giving the city its unique charm. First a bit of recent history: Ruled by Austria from the Middle Ages until 1918, South Tyrol – along with other Austrian regions south of the… Continued

By Ron Van Djik /

The Alps as seen from South Tyrol

The author of this post is Tom Litjens, one of Austin Adventures’ guides in Europe.  Visiting the Alps by foot and by bicycle sounds like something for seasoned bikers and hikers, doesn’t it? That’s what I was thinking the first time that I heard about Austin Adventures’ Italy: South Tyrol and The Dolomites tour. So when I was asked to guide this tour, I prepared myself for some heavy biking… Continued

By Tom Litjens /

Kasey Austin

You’ve just booked your dream vacation and have received your pre-trip planner (complete with a handy-dandy packing list) from your adventure tour company, Austin Adventures. Trying to figure out exactly which type of sandal or rain jacket to pack in that suitcase that always seems just a tad too small? You’re not alone. Packing for a trip, let alone an adventure vacation, can certainly be a daunting task. On the… Continued

By Kasey Austin /

Holland Tulips in Spring

Holland native Ron van Dijk has been leading and developing adventure tours in Europe since 1974. Ron’s love and passion for cycling is unmatched in the adventure travel industry. Ron may be Austin Adventures’ European Operations Director, but you can still find him guiding and wowing guests with his knowledge about all things Europe. He’s often called a walking encyclopedia, and we’re proud to say that he is fluent in… Continued

By Ron van Dijk /

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