Kasey Austin

You’ve just booked your dream vacation and have received your pre-trip planner (complete with a handy-dandy packing list) from your adventure tour company, Austin Adventures. Trying to figure out exactly which type of sandal or rain jacket to pack in that suitcase that always seems just a tad too small? You’re not alone. Packing for a trip, let alone an adventure vacation, can certainly be a daunting task. On the… Continued

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Holland Tulips in Spring

Holland native Ron van Dijk has been leading and developing adventure tours in Europe since 1974. Ron’s love and passion for cycling is unmatched in the adventure travel industry. Ron may be Austin Adventures’ European Operations Director, but you can still find him guiding and wowing guests with his knowledge about all things Europe. He’s often called a walking encyclopedia, and we’re proud to say that he is fluent in… Continued

By Ron van Dijk /

Grand Canyon Family Vacation Aerial Photo

Stunning. Inspiring. Breathtaking. These are just a few of the words I heard from other first time viewers standing on the South Rim of the “big hole in the ground” in northern Arizona – aka the Grand Canyon. Dan and I just got back from developing a brand new family adventure that will have kids and parents alike experiencing the oo’s and ahh’s,  “mom, look at that!” moments, and family… Continued

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Dan Blog Post Yellowstone Winter

When the web team asks me to pen a blog, it’s never a question of can I pen something, it’s more of a question of “How can I choose from an endless list of topics?” It seems when you make a living doing what you love (and it involves adventure and travel) no shortage of inspiration comes to mind—quite the contrary. With that in mind, I’m just going to peck away… Continued

By Dan Austin /

The mesmerizing topography of Death Valley as seen at sunset.

It’s always been a hot destination, so we couldn’t be more stoked that this national park is one of our new 2015 trips. See below for some interesting facts that will leave you wanting to take the trip of a lifetime to Death Valley! 1. Death Valley National Park is celebrating its 20th anniversary! In 1994, Congress made this section of the Mojave Desert a national park. 2. Coming in at a whopping more than 3.4… Continued

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