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By austinbbw /

To journey to Spain is to experience a rich reward of fine food, delectable wines and enchanting history. Our adventure trips to Rioja promise to bring all three to travellers seeking European vacations with a little more than just plain tourist activities.

The Spanish scenery offers dramatic mountains and hills for adventure opportunities for the thrill seeker in everyone committed to experiencing a true adventure vacation. Climbing, hiking, bungee jumping, paragliding and canoeing in local rivers are all popular sports. Spanish holidays also feature hunting, fishing and even hot air balloon trips that give an otherworldly view of this country far from its ever popular sun and surf found in the south.

Cycling tours through Rioja offer a journey into greater fitness as well as an inspiring picture of the dramatic landscapes as well. Venturing into the foothills of the Great Pyrenees will reveal century’s old fortified castles and settlements that provide a look into life in a time long ago.

The romance of local area names is matched only by the fine red wines this region produces. European vacations to this part of the world allow travellers to delight in the fine tastes of red and white wines as well as the traditional bodegas that pedal aged vintages to visitors and locals alike.

You, too, can journey with us as we explore the romantic and noble Spain of today and yesteryear. Contact us online for more information about our vacation packages for singles, couples and families.

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