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By austinbbw /

Belize may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about safari adventure vacations. Belize is off the beaten path, which finds many adventure seekers drawn to the enchanting excitement of this less traversed part of the world. But it is certainly worth visiting if only to experience its diverse ecosystem including the rare spider monkey that is definitely not something to miss while visiting this country. While it can offers different adventure trips with many water based activities, travelers can also experience the culture by exploring caves and remnants of ancient civilizations like Lubaantun, a city established long before Columbus discovered America.

Adventure vacations for couples are little more exciting while you and loved one kayak through a towards a jungle camp.  Be prepared to see animals in their natural habitat – tapirs, armadillos and different kinds of birds. Bring the binoculars for bird watching activities. How about an aerial adventure high atop a canopied platform watching sunset while birds chirp around you?  Your safari adventure won’t be complete with trying wonderful South American cuisine like quesadillas, tortilla wraps, empanadas and fresh fruits.  Days at the beach can be spent relaxing sea side sipping cool drinks or out on the ocean where snorkeling brings sites of colorful sea dwellers and plant life.

Your 9 day vacation quite possibly could seem too short to try all the exciting activities available in Belize.  Austin-Lehman makes sure every aspect of your adventure travel is covered: city tours, jungle activities and water adventures.   In fact, after your trip, Belize will be on your mind for a very long time to come.

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