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By austinbbw /

Rural France has its fair share of pretty towns and dramatically breathtaking landscapes. Not only do stunning villages dot the countryside, but the area also features wonderful spots to sample wines and see the remains of Ancient Rome and the Ardèche and Auvergne gorges that define the region. For those interested in historical culture and stunning scenery along with some of the world’s best food and wine, this region puts the European vacation for singles, couples and families at the top of the list.

Burgundy is located in the Sens and Auxerre region, which lies southeast of Paris. The region is popular for adventure vacations because of the spectacular countryside as well as the many historical towns that all have their own stories to tell of wars, sieges and political intrigues down the ages.  There are countless local markets to visit, and of course, probably one of the best known wines in the world to enjoy, Burgundy. Well known vintages include Chablis and Beaune with almost all vineyards and cellars a fascinating and delicious visit.

Historically, the town of Dijon became well known for being the center of the mustard trade, and visiting these types of towns will offer a valuable lesson in the geography, culture and history of the area. Enjoy the day walking the streets to make a perfect break in our cycling tours holiday itinerary. Historic buildings from the 11th and 13th centuries are also plenteous in the area including St. Etienne Church, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Stop by our online travel catalog to learn more about the wonders of vacationing in France.

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