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Spend a week this summer in the rugged beauty of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Our adventure vacations to the land of the midnight sun were featured in Travel & Leisure’s Trips of a Lifetime for 2010, and once you journey with us, you’ll understand why.

With over 650,000 acres of breathtaking land, glacier formations and water, visitors to the area will be awestruck by nature’s pristine beauty and the many types of wildlife that can easily be spotted as you hike, fish and boat throughout the area. We offer two adventure vacation packages to this stunning location: one for everyone – singles and couples and another specially designed for families.

Alaskan Kenai Peninsula
Our single tours and adventure vacations for couples on this six day journey are filled with wildlife galore. Cruising the ice filled waters brings porpoises, sea lions and orcas readily into view in their natural habitat. Biking through flower covered meadows to reach cascading waterfalls will seem like a dream, and then feasting on wild Alaskan salmon in the comfortable lodge or resort makes everything right with the world. Vacationers to this part of the world can plan on plenty of activity with hiking, biking, kayaking and boating all part of this adventure trip.

Alaska Kenai Peninsula for Families
Our family vacations feature the same destination, but with different activities to really make it special for kids. Searching for sea creatures on Fox Island will yield plenty of sea urchins, otters, puffins and more. There are also caves and waterfalls to round out nature’s wonders along with a fast and furious ride on the zip line at Crow Creek. And of course, no Alaskan evening is complete without a dinner of fresh seafood and s’mores roasted on an open bonfire.

Alaska is waiting so don’t miss the vacation of a lifetime by joining us as we journey to this fascinating land (800) 575-1540.


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