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By Guest Bloggers /

Surfing in the Galapagos

Day 2 Galapagos- First stop was at java lava a sustainable coffee farm, they are doing great work to provide an ecological friendly coffee farm and the coffee is amazing. Next we headed to the Cerro Mesa to see the view of the islands and a collapsed volcano.

But the highlight of the today had to be surfing Tortuga Bay, it was probably the coolest thing I’ve done! Walking past sea iguanas on the beach with a surf board and then catching waves with sea lions! Just being in the Galapagos is amazing but there isn’t a word to describe how awesome it was to go surfing in the Galapagos! Then to cap that off I got to wake surf behind the dingy boat to get back to the boat.

Then to get back to the boat and have a cerveza and some great new friends waiting… what a way to end a good day at the beach!

Once we got back to the Galapagos Safari Camp we had another delicious diner by the wonderful and creative chef here at the camp. It’s a rare thing these days to have a chef come out before each meal with a huge grin of excitement on his face as he explains the meal and how it was prepared.

Tonight I am going to bed with a big grin on my face tonight! Tomorrow is another full day of activities!

Your friendly surfer,


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