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By austinbbw /

Austin-Lehman Adventures California Wine Country

Craving some fine California wine? Why not try a tasting tour of California wine country with Austin Lehman’s adventure vacations for couples?

Stroll through the enchanting forests and grasslands of Mount Tamalpais and find yourself surrounded with redwood groves and oak woodlands.  Standing proud at 2,572 feet, the mountain peak gives a phenomenal view of the Pacific Ocean.

As you experience one of the best cycling tours ever, pedal through the Presidio National Park and over one of the world’s most spectacular bridge, the Golden Gate. Go on your own pace as you watch the beauty of nature all around the bridge. The immaculate gardens and perennial flower beds are such a visual treat.

If you are an early morning riser, take a kayaking trip with your loved one in the Tomales Bay and watch sleepy seals and elk all along the shore. It’s a beautiful sight to view dozens of white and brown Pelicans hunting in the water for their breakfast.

The journey includes a visit to Napa Valley where you can wander through picturesque rolling hills covered with vineyards and wineries. Pamper yourself with a glass of fine wine while you relax and rejuvenate in the mud bath and hot springs in Calistoga of Napa Valley. There might be plenty of adventure travel companies out there, but when you plan your trip with us, you definitely get a heavenly experience right in the lap of nature.

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