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By austinbbw /

There’s nothing like enjoying the lavish amenities and extravagant gourmet food on a 5 day cruise in the Amazon by private boat. Travellers can relish local dishes like tacacho and juane made in the Peruvian jungle, and also explore the wonders of Peruvian rainforests where the rich flora and fauna surrounds you and envelops the senses. Of course, many will want to catch a glimpse of the cute Pygmy marmoset, the smallest monkey in the world, hopping from tree to tree, and also look for other amazing wildlife of the Amazon from the safety of your boat.

Our Amazon adventure tours also take guests from Iquitos to Pacaya- Samiria National Reserve, one of the largest wetland reserves in the country. The climate and other conditions of this area allow exotic wildlife like monkeys, marmosets, iguanas, tamarins and spider monkeys to flourish.

There is a unique old world charm and romance in the city of Iquitos as it is yet untouched by any industrial influences and makes a perfect setting for adventure vacations for couples.  The spirit of the Amazon transforms mysteriously at night and gives you a chance to sit with your flashlight and catch a glimpse of fish bats, spectacles owls and other nocturnal animals. Relax in your own private cabin in the evenings for a fresh start in morning. The purity of air and atmosphere around is a magical experience. Take a swim in Pacaya River and look for magnificent pink and grey dolphins.

Austin-Lehman makes sure that your adventure travel is an experience you will want to repeat time and again.

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