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By Guest Bloggers /

The Guides are here at the ALA office, and to the staff that signals the beginning of the travel season!  We have spent the last 9 months talking to our amazing guests about the trips we offer, and with the guides come the reassurance that all the experiences we offer are going to be top notch!  I have gotten to know the guides over the course of training and am excited to introduce you to Jenny Young!

Jenny is a natural outdoors woman as she grew up on Lake Erie in Ohio!   She translated her love of the outdoors into not only a degree but also into a career!  She loves whitewater rafting, hiking, and basically anything that gets her active in the outdoors!  She is one of the AMAZING guides that will be leading groups through Yellowstone tours on our Yellowstone National Park Program as well as my personal favorite, the Montana| Big Sky, Yellowstone, & Paradise Valley!   If you get cold, (not likely in a Montana summer) she can even teach you how to crochet a hat!

To learn more about Jenny, check out her guide profile!

Your Friendly Travel Expert,

Mindy Vanderhoof

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