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By austinbbw /

For your family’s vacation this year, why settle for just an amusement park or a trip to the beach? Our family adventure vacations to Costa Rica combine plenty of water thrills, scenic nature exploration and science education all in one adventure trip that your children and you too, of course, will never forget.

What’s even more important is that our adventure tours to this lush land take you to untouched and unspoiled places where standing in long lines and crowds just isn’t an issue. Unless you count the numerous species of animals you’ll encounter. Imagine your children’s education coming to life right before their eyes. Rather than seeing pictures of this amazing wildlife or videos on the latest Discovery Channel wildlife program, they can get up close and personal with every type of tropical and rare animal imaginable: iguanas, butterflies, squirrels, monkeys and tree frogs to name a few.

You’ll also find that exotic species of plants and flowers fill the tropical forests just waiting to be seen amidst the tall trees, cooling waters and mountain vistas. The protected habitat makes Costa Rica an ideal destination for families to experience nature in all her glory.

And comfort is at the top of our adventure vacation packages as well. Guests stay in luxury accommodations that allow everyone to truly experience the unique tranquility and natural beauty of this stunning land. Take your family with us on an adventure like no other to Costa Rica. Get started today by visiting us online to review this wonderful travel itinerary.

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