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By austinbbw /

It’s hard to find the perfect place to please everyone in the family. With so many activities available in so many different cities, it can be a journey in itself just to find an adequate location to visit. The land of the Vikings is sure to satisfy even the choosiest of explorers.

Cycling Tours offer travelers the perfect opportunity to explore new cities. And Denmark proudly offers serene countryside, historical ruins and delectable dishes to satisfy all of the senses.

Watch history come to life and experience the changing of the guards at the Amalienborg Palace, home of the Danish Queen. Cycle past medieval churches, bright gardens, colorful fishing villages and thatch-roofed farmhouses. Taste the mouthwatering seafood that the Danes are unsurprisingly famous for.

A European Vacation to beautiful Denmark is not to be missed. Kid-friendly and activity-filled, a Family Adventure Vacation to the land of the Vikings just might be the journey of a lifetime for which you have been searching. Kids will love hiking and swimming. Foodies will adore the delicious restaurants, and those who are always in search of a bargain will appreciate the shopping. There truly is something for everyone in Denmark.

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