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By austinbbw /

Welcome to Tuscany – the European vacation where Austin-Lehman helps you indulge in a culinary and cultural experience. Tuscany is a destination that offers rich art and history, fine dining and wine all amid picturesque scenery. If you are looking for a break from the city rush or planning a surprise for your loved one, our adventure vacations for couples may be just what you need.

The vibrant cities and weathered hillside villas make a great place to relax on a week long holiday. As you explore Tuscany’s rolling vineyards on our unparalleled cycling tours, you’ll realize how mystic and divine natural beauty can be. Explore famous renaissance landmarks including the Duomo, Uffizi, Ponte and Pitti palace and much more. Enjoy strolling through Florence’s cobblestone streets and numerous shops with antiques and very attractive art, jewellery and leather goods.

Explore the village of Monteriggionni which is surrounded by 14 towers.  Biking through the quaint streets and art galleries in San Gimignano is an experience not to miss. Marvel at the picture perfect golden green Tuscan landscape and take pictures on your way through cypress trees and olive groves. Visit the extraordinary cities of Sienna and Pisa and then take a guided tour of the marbled Duomo with its intricate interiors. Journeying through the various cities of the Tuscan region brimming with art and culture will keep you pleasantly surprised at the simplicity and yet incredible beauty of this place.

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