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By austinbbw /

Austin-Lehman Adventures Argentina

Adventure vacations for couples can be fun and fulfilling in Chile and Argentina. There may be other countries in the world that earn accolades for their winemaking, but there is a hidden gem to be discovered in the wineries of Mendoza, Argentina.

This wine region is a favorite destination for tourists and wine connoisseurs.  Usually, many wine regions offer only a wine tasting experience while they keep their techniques a secret. Not so in Mendoza. In fact, they often share their recipes and techniques. Tourists enjoy getting a first-hand experience in winemaking.  After filling up on sumptuous Argentine cuisine and wine, travelers participating in our cycling tours can look forward to enjoying a great view of the Andes making adventure vacations such as this one hard to forget.

Adventure trips to this region of the world are even more breathtaking as you go horseback riding along Colchagua Valley in Chile.  Chile’s wine-tasting experience offers delightful experiences to tantalize the taste buds. Take your time exploring Plaza de Armas in Santiago, Chile and discover why this place was voted #1 on the list of places to go by the New York Times.  Gastronomic adventures begin at the Mercado Central where guests can sample deliciously fresh Chilean fare.  Be enveloped in the dynamic ambiance of a lively market that is housed in a structure with very ornate and pleasing aesthetics.

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