Belgium bike tours let us show you a land where carefree cycling is a way of life. Where the continental experience can still be savored, far away from tourists and crowds. We’ll bicycle along the North Sea coast to beautiful resorts and small, charming harbors, then turn onto scenic inland canals offering pristine landscapes and a relaxed ride. Along the way, historic towns like Bruges and Gent captivate with understated elegance and exquisite cuisine. Enjoy this rare glimpse of provincial country life. Find out what the Scottish storage houses are doing in the Dutch town of Veere. And how the tiny country of Belgium has more different kinds of beer than any other country in the world. What better excuse to indulge in a week’s worth of Belgium beer (with over 500 varieties to choose from!), moules frites (savory steamed mussels and fries) and Belgium chocolate (the best in the world, if you ask us) than venturing out on a Belgium biking tour, where after a day of pedaling you can without a doubt say: you’ve earned it!

1 Belgium Adventure Tour Package

  • Holland1

    Holland/Belgium | Brussels to Bruges & Ghent

    6 days/5 nights

    Holland and Belgium Tours From fields of tulips to the towers of Bruges, pedal your way through the simplicity and grandeur…

    From$2698 / person

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    • Adult Vacations
    • Biking
    • Cultural
    • Wine / Gourmet

    Activity Level: Easy

    Departure dates

    • Jun 19, 2016

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