Our Washington adventure vacations give you the opportunity to discover the best of all worlds – spectacular scenery, rich and diverse wildlife, and some of the best wining and dining the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Stop at the historic Lime Kiln Park Lighthouse, enjoy the scenic hike down to various look out points, and dine in the fresh air with a picnic at South Beach, where you can watch for the 80+ orcas who make this area their summer home. Bike past fields of lavender and Jakle’s Lagoon and enjoy a short walk at Mount Finlayson. Orcas Island is a playground for kayak adventures. Paddle quiet bays and shoreline, keeping your eyes peeled for sea lions, bald eagles, otters, porpoise and – if you’re lucky – orca whales!

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Best time to travel

When is the Best Time to Travel to Washington?

When is the Best Time to Travel to Washington?

When many people think of Washington they think of apples, Walla Walla onions, Starbucks, The Space Needle, Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helen’s and of course precipitation! Washington has been nicknamed
“The Evergreen State” because it is loaded with trees (kept very green by the precipitation)!!  While the state can receive its fair share of rain, near the coastline it is known for maintaining a consistently mild climate that is comfortable all year long.

  • Spring (March – May): April is the best time for seeing the apple trees in full bloom in the state, so if that is something you have on your bucket list plan for an April visit. As the saying goes April showers bring May flowers and this holds true for Washington state weather.  The average temperatures this time of year are fairly consistent in March at 42°F to a balmy average high of 54°F in May.
  • Summer (June – August): Temperatures vary depending on where you are in the state but if you are along the coast in June you can expect average daily temperatures in the mid 60°F range.  In July and August the average high is closer to 70+°F. All three months, expect the evenings to be cool enough that you’ll need a light jacket.
  • Autumn (September – November): If you’re visiting the coast or specifically the San Juan Islands, then September is a great time to go. The weather is still averaging around 66°F during the day, the crowds have thinned out, and as mentioned earlier has more than 247 sunny days per year.
  • Winter (December – February): Temperatures may be lower, so this might be the perfect time for a winter vacation. Statewide, the average daily highs are in the mid 30°s and lows are right around 30°s. Skiing is popular at Mount Baker, Steven’s Pass, White Pass and several other locations throughout the state.

How to Prepare

What to Pack on a Washington Vacation

What to Pack on a Washington Vacation
  1. Rain Gear
    Washington has a reputation for being rainy because it is. But don’t let a little rain stop you from hiking the secluded trails, biking the winding roads or kayaking the bays!  Whenever your travels bring to visit the beautiful state of Washington always bring along your raincoat!
  2. Clothing in layers
    Mornings will start out cooler so you will want to have a plan on a base layer, an insulating mid layer and then pack and an additional shell that you have the option to wear or not. It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many summer travelers think that they can get away without packing a warm layer. Even in the dead of summer, the evenings can be cool enough to require long sleeves and pants, so plan accordingly!  And the most important – sunscreen!  Do not leave home without it.  Well, if you do, no worries your guide will be able to provide some for you so you will be more than safely covered.
  3. Plan to spend a day or so extra in your Host City
    If your schedule allows, you should plan to stay a couple days pre/post your adventure in Seattle!  No other city in the Pacific Northwest provides such a diverse offering of natural, cultural, historical or recreational opportunities. Seattle is home to the Space Needle, it has a zoo and aquarium, Underground city tours, aviation museums and public markets for you to explore.

Insider tips

Travel Tips for Visiting Washington

Travel Tips for Visiting Washington

When it comes to travel tips, sharing is caring, so we’re happy to pass on a few pointers on how you can best experience Washington.

  1. Best Place to Catch some Sunshine
    The San Juan Islands average around 247 days with sunshine and about ½ of the rainfall that Seattle typically gets so if you are looking for some blue skies the San Juan Islands should be towards the top of your list!
  2. Marine Life
    If you are looking to see a lot of marine life Washington will be eager to accommodate. A big draw of course is the Orcas Whales each year from May – September when they migrate but you can also see Humpback, Gray and Minke Whales.  If you are traveling on the water either by ferry, sail boat, kayak, etc it is very common to see anemone, sea cucumbers, coral, jellyfish, sunflower starfish and the ever stunning purple starfish. Bald Eagles and too many other species of seabirds also frequent the area.
  3. Tasting Time
    Washington is known for having fantastic coffee and great wine.  Starbucks originates in the great state of Washington as well as Seattle’s Best Coffee. Washington State has many fine wineries but a few of the most noteworthy are located on the San Juan Islands.  If you are traveling on our San Juan’s adventure we will pedal to by one of them for you to do a “wee” bit of taste testing.

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