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From your home base at the spectacular Hotel Salto Chico, uniquely situated on the banks of a thundering waterfall in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park, select from dozens of activities each day as you explore Patagonia’s awesome glaciers, rivers, lakes, and array of wildlife by foot, horseback, and sailboat on this Chilean adventure tailored to your definition of perfection.

•    Awake to the sound of rushing water and the pink of a rising sun aglow on the jagged granite peaks of the Paine Massiff
•    Cross the Pingo River by hanging bridge and trek through a forest of deciduous beech to Lake Grey Peninsula for breathtaking views of Grey Glacier and the icebergs peppering the shore
•    Snap close-ups of guanacos, rheas, condors, and eagles and panoramas of Almirante Peak, the Horns and the Towers of Paine, and the Paine River Cascade on a photo safari
•    Ride horseback with a local Gaucho through a rugged landscape of rushing rivers, pristine lakes, and open prairie
•    Sail along the face of a glacier with ice so electric blue you won’t believe it’s real
•    Cap off your day with a visit to the Ona Spa, a feast of southern king crab and Magellanic lamb, and a glass of highly acclaimed Chilean wine

Photo: Glacier

Our guides did a great job making sure all the guests had their needs met. They delivered excellent service and were willing to do anything to make sure we were well accommodated.

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Tour Itinerary

5-9 day itinerary options available

Punta Arenas, Chile

Day 1: Torres del Paine National Park (Itinerary Length Varies)

Nights 1 to 9: Hotel Salto Chico

Hotel Salto Chico is located right at the heart of the extraordinary Torres del Paine National Park in central Patagonia. The varied and untouched landscapes of this area led UNESCO to declare it a biosphere reserve. Opened in 1993 on the banks of the Salto Chico waterfall, it affords an excellent view of the unique Paine Massif and two of the three impressive “torres,” or towers, which give the park its name. The lodge borrows certain organic forms from the landscape itself, designed to create a dialogue with the environment, putting its visitors in touch with the sublimity of the surroundings.

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  • 5-9 day itinerary options available
  • Next Departure: Call (800) 575-1540
  • From $3,000 / person
  • ($1,000 single supplement)

A few more reasons why you've gotta go…

  • 1. Turns out Patagonia wasn’t named after a cool outdoor clothing company - the explorer Magellan named the region after the native people there. He used the word Patagón, or giant, to describe the group, who were an average height of about 6 feet tall, much taller than the Europeans of the time.
  • 2. People have been in Patagonia longer than you might think. Humans have inhabited Patagonia since 10,000 BCE, if not longer, and traces of past settlements can be found across the region.
  • 3. The Patagonian region of Santa Cruz, in Argentina, is home to a 52-square mile petrified forest. The forest grew 150 million years ago, during the Jurassic period, and was later buried under volcanic eruptions at the beginning of the Cretaceous Period, when the Andes began formation.

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