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Dan Austin doing yoga

The team asked me to pen my monthly blog post this week and frankly after the holidays and time spent outside of ...

Travel Gear & Packing
zip-off pants

Congratulations! You've booked your first adventure trip and now it’s time to conquer the “suggested packing list.” Don’t worry when ...

Adventure Vacations
group photo in front of Yellowstone sign

First of all, I should explain that Austin Adventures, based in Billings, MT, sits just a few short hours from our world’...

Country of the Month
the Austin family at Machu Picchu

Peru has always been a popular destination – especially among those with bucket lists. But we’re expecting it to be even more ...

Travel Tips
Alaska miners

Ever wonder why there’s been a recent explosion of Alaska-based “reality TV” shows? As you might suspect, Alaska, a.k.a. “...

spires in South Dakota

Lets face it! Everyone on an Austin Adventures trip loves to see wildlife.  These are the split-second moments you’ll never forget, ...

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