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By austinbbw /

Our friendly neighbor up north offers some exciting adventure trips to remember.  Experience the thrill and excitement of the Canadian Rockies.  From Banff to Jasper, every angle in this stretch of mountains is postcard perfect.  Bad photography can never happen in this place.  Banff National Park offers several opportunities for mountain biking. Be on the lookout for wolves, elks and other mountain creatures that add life to the surroundings.  Visitors can also hike along Johnston Canyon. There is a self-guided trail to make it an easy hike.  All you have to do is put on comfortable shoes and follow the trail to be mesmerized by the rock formations.

Veterans of adventure vacations will want to try a trek to Sentinel Pass. From there, you can look down on Paradise Valley.  Go whitewater rafting and conquer the rapids of Kicking Horse River.   Be amazed at the stunning views when you hike from Lake Agnes to the teahouse on Lake Louise. Take a shot at flower photography along the way.  You can also opt for cycling tours from Minnewanka Lake to Two Jack Lake. After all the adrenaline pumping activities, retail therapy is a nice way to unwind. Shop along the galleries in Banff, and buy a souvenir or two to remind you of this wonderful vacation.  Complete your stay with a relaxing night on your chalet’s porch for a wonderful dinner.

Our adventure vacation packages to the Canadian Rockies offer long lasting memories. Explore our travel catalog online to learn more about this and other exciting travel destinations.

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