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By austinbbw /

Austin-Lehman Adventures Denmark

Denmark is a great destination for family adventure vacations.  Children will be thrilled to visit the statue of The Little Mermaid.  Hans Christian Andersen, author of the many popular fairy tales including the Little Mermaid, was from Denmark.  A visit to the Hans Christian Andersen museum introduces visitors to the life and works of this poet and author.  Children appreciate adventure vacations when they visit a theme park. For that, Denmark has Tivoli Garden. Tivoli Garden is the world’s second oldest theme park. Rumor has it that Walt Disney was inspired by this theme park so that one can see the similarities between Disneyland and the Tivoli Garden.

Denmark has special lanes for bicycles so cycling tours are ideal in this place. Bike your way through scenic villages in Helsingor. Don’t forget to drop by the beaches with golden sands and let the children enjoy sand on their feet.  Visiting the land of the Vikings is not complete without stopping to check out the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde.  Learn about the impressive shipbuilding skills of the Vikings by looking at the five ships excavated in Skuldelev. Take a trip to the Egeskov Castle. Built in 1554, the castle is well-preserved, and it houses a great collection of vintage cars and motorcycles.  

With Austin-Lehman, you can experience a great European vacation with the family.  Make your Denmark trip a vacation to remember.

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