By Christy Hamill /

PikaPika in Yellowstone

This little fuzzy guy is a Pika!

Pikas are small mammals that have short limbs and rounded ears. They kind of look like a guinea pig but they are not related to them. They are active all year around and dart around on the rocks or travel through the snow in tunnels that they have created to/from their burrow holes.

Some call the Pika a “whistling hare” because they make a very distinct whistle call. Chances are that you will hear a Pika before you would ever see one.

They are herbivores and feed on a wide variety of plant matter,  mostly grasses, shrubs, twigs, moss, and lichen.

I was able to catch a brief glimpse of a Pika last time we were hiking near Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park. Grand Prismatic is one of the most amazing hydrothermal features that Yellowstone has to offer.



Pika are not as well-known as a bison, elk or even an eagle but they definitely are one of the cutest animals around and fun to watch! Try to locate one of them on your next Yellowstone National Park vacation!

Your Friendly Pika Lover,


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