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By Guest Bloggers /

Elephant in Botswana

Hi all,

I just wanted to send a quick message about my last few days at Abu Camp!  We got to ride the elephants (I was on Cathy), walk with the elephants, which is truly a special experience, feed them, watch them take mud and dust baths, and basically learn all about their life in Botswana.

Our first night in camp I ended up sleeping in the star bed.  It is basically a lofted deck right outside where the elephants sleep with a bed covered in mosquito netting so you can watch the stars all night!  It was the best sleep I have had since I have been in Africa!   The starts are amazing.  There are no city lights to impede on their beauty!

The food has been over the top as well!  Our chef Star has created meal after meal of impressive dishes ranging from lamb, to fish, to the best roasted veggies I think I have ever had, to decadent desserts I didn’t have room for, but ate anyway!  Everyone jokes that you don’t come on African safaris to loose weight!

More to Come!

Your Friendly Travel Expert,

Mindy Vanderhoof

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