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By austinbbw /

Austin-Lehman Adventurers Holland

Planning a vacation with your family is a great way of bonding and fun. Austin Lehman Adventures gives you a perfect setup for a family adventure vacation. Take a week long holiday from all your commitments and get ready to immerse yourself in nothing but fun.

Holland is an ideal location for a biking retreat if you are planning a European vacation. Pedal through the elegant meadows full of colorful wildflowers, graceful tulips and plenty of grazing sheep. Our guides will keep you entertained by telling you interesting facts about the local history and its culture. You will get an opportunity to explore the marvelous insides of Zuiderzee Works, which are considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

Fascinating windmills that are centuries old and still working is a must watch sight. The vitality and cultural riches of Amsterdam will keep you captivated as you walk through the market buying breads and spices. Take a boat trip through the “Venice of the North” that is the small village named Giethoorn. The village has literally no roads and all transport is through waterways and canals. The picturesque wooden arch bridges are the main attraction of this place. Your family really needs to be there to actually experience the mystical nature of this small village.

Find out more about European vacations by visiting our online travel catalog where detailed itineraries and descriptions can help you and your family decide on the destination for this year’s family vacation.

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